JetCat is the biggest world´s producer of jet (current) and turboprop propellent units for models of planes and drones, their engines are used by well-known JetMan Yves Rossy for their wing, presently we are using these exellent engines in our planes models as well.

Our current offer is extended of other assortment of goods, besides we are preparing own production of composite plane models.

At the beginning of 2017, we became the dealer world-renowned company CARF - Models. Now you can order CARF models from us. Delivery dates and realization of your projects are in comparison with other manufacturers in significantly shorter time.

We are in a close cooperation with German companies and the official dealer for the Czech Republic producing Jet Cat turbine, Power Box System, Emcotec, Paritech - Tomahawk Design.


With these partners we cooperate in the other directions as well, these are leading world´s producers in certain categories like JetCat turbine, Power Box System, Emcotec, Paritech - Tomahawk Design, Multiplex Modellsport, Hitec. All of these products are used by us in our activities.

Special discount on chosen products is provided during a year round. Info: tel. 736 641 917

We also supply drons including training of staff and we closely cooperate with companies dealing with this issue on a professional level.

Information: or phone nr.: +420 736641917

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